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         Originally educated as a visual artist (painting and photography) I began my career in the publishing world as a photographer, graphic artist & art director. While interests in studies of Asian art /culture eventually led me adding yoga instructor and Shiatsu practitioner to my skills I developed a deep knowledge & practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a spirit of holistic understanding became part of my own work and how I teach.

         As an educator I combine these self healing philosophies in all of my workshops and classes. Based on the idea that within ourselves honest awareness, acceptance without judgement and practice can allow for natural well being and an outpouring of artistic spirit.  And, sometimes students are very surprised at the abilities hidden within. Giving back and participating in my own neighborhood is key.


Art from Nature: Learning an Ancient and Alternative Firing Method Smoke & Pit Firing with Coil Built Ceramics

In order to understand the origins of ceramics, pottery and the uses of clay around the world, students create clay vessels to become familiar with the affects of combining heat, smoke and various natural, earthbound elements and glazes.  Students experiment using oxides, salts, metals (copper & aluminum), seaweed, leaves, etc. which create various designs & colors when fired in barbeque grills with wood shavings at various temperatures.


PopArt Ceramic Food Picnic

Kids will love sculpting their own culinary favorites and creating their own menus. We’ll use self-drying clay, acrylic paints to create large or small, wildly colored plates of food or individual pieces, i.e. cupcakes, pizzas , etc. Pieces will be sprayed with a gloss coating for a shiny finish. The session ends with an outdoor “picnic” which would include some real food among sculpted objects!


Pigmentation: Food & Nature Coloring

Collage sculptures and/or paintings made from a variety of food items and articles from Mother Nature’s supply closet! Discovering original paints, kids will make pigments made from foods and plants. In addition, they will create egg tempera paint and learn some art history about how these paints were used. The next step is designing nature-related frames for their paintings AND large popsicle stick easels will be made for the artwork.


Tea, Meditation, Drawing & Wine

Relaxed classes, meet, meditate, practice drawing skills and end the class with a glass of wine while critiquing & discussion. Everyone has the ability to draw and express his/her own style. Practice meditative yogic breathing, observation, line drawing and your choice of water color, acrylic painting or oil pastel. Small adult classes (6 person limit). The intention is to teach adults how to center themselves to create a holistically calm attitude towards personal health and their own creativity..


Castle Island Beach Drawing & History Classes  (Adult & Children’s Classes)

Learn about our country's oldest fort at Castle Island in South Boston, local history and spend time along the Dorchester/South Boston coastline while practicing landscape drawing, painting & oil pastels. Tour the fort with local historians, learn about the sculptures throughout the island and learn observation, drawing skills and water color painting or oil pastel use. Summer classes include swimming at the beach, art games and lessons. Small classes (limit 5).*Please send lunch and snacks; we also will have the opportunity to purchase lunch at Sullivan’s. The purpose of these classes is to connect the historical and ecological aspect of our  own neighborhood. An effort to use nature as art develops more awareness of the residential/urban connection to our environment and its history; this creates a deeper relationship and responsibility towards ones community which hopefully will be spread and shared.




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