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My style varies from the abstract to natural states of being.  Frequently, inspiration is solely to make a positive energetic expression, sharing a lesson or personal philosophical message and is manifested in abstract forms often including written messages; or it is documentation of distinctive images that I personally find attractive. I love the sensuality of odors and textures experienced while painting, developing film, handling clay or wood; being dyslexic, I’m often challenged   when having to balance spatial problems. The range of emotions, from being playful to having absolute conviction of a project, is gleefully satisfying and I like my students to discover this same joy.


Texture, scent, shape and color become more conscious, a multi-faceted process when the artist becomes sensorily involved. Using nature as art allows the artist and the viewer to merge on many levels with elements that surround one's world on an everyday basis.

I have always enjoyed sharing the recognition, understanding and connection of self and community when teaching lessons through art (and yoga). Using nature as a tool to convey sensory understandings in a very conscious manner is how my classes are frequently taught.  Suddenly one can be buried in a timelessness while creating and  a flurry of questions - how, why, when - and sometimes a spontaneous, mindless energetic creative spirit begins to organize and move things to and fro giving way to the artistic endeavor. 


When the sparkle of dew on the morning grass puts a smile on my face I just want to capture and maintain that feeling.

Spending time focusing on details, doing research, uncovering facts and interpreting expressions and sensations is how I, as an artist, use natural materials to offer models for teaching appreciation of nature and one's environment.


Originally educated as a visual artist I began my career in the publishing world as a photographer, graphic artist, and art director. I currently teach at Fayerweather Street School. I also instruct visual arts, meditation and yoga classes, for adults and children, in my home studio (Garage Door Studio) and The Erick Jean Center for Art. In all of my workshops and classes I introduce the philosophy that  honest awareness, acceptance and joyful practice will allow for natural well being.




Hancock 309 Gallery, 2011

Hancock 309 Gallery, 2012

Lesley University, 2012

Dorchester Open Studio, 2011

Dorchester Open Studio, 2013

Dorchester Arts Collaborative, 2013-14

Dorchester Open Studios, 2015

Leslie University Ecology Exhibit, 2017 

Nagasaki War Memorial Event, 2017

Dorchester Open Studios, 2017 




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